Are short-term complications associated with poor graft and patient survival after liver transplantation?

Scientific Committee Liaison 

  • Mark Ghobrial, Houston, USA 

Panel Members

  • Pascale Tinguely, Surgery, London, UK 
  • Carlo Frola, Surgery, London, UK 
  • Mike Spiro, Anesthesiology, London, UK 
  • Rubén Ciria, Surgery, Cordoba, Spain 
  • Gonzalo Rodríguez Surgery, Alicante, Spain
  • Marina Berenguer, Hepatology, Valencia, Spain 
  • Henrik Petrowsky, Zurich, Switzerland 

Vanguard Committee Member

  • Felipe Alconchel, Surgery, Murcia, Spain 

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Shahi Abdul Ghani, London, UK 
  • Ka Siu Fan, London, UK 



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