What is the optimal timing for extubation regarding immediate and short-term outcomes after liver transplantation?


  • What is the optimal timing for extubation with regard to re-intubation/ failed extubation rates, pulmonary complications, organ dysfunction?

Scientific Committee Liaison

  • Stuart McCluskey, Anesthesiology, Toronto, Canada 

Expert Working Group Panel Members

  • Dominik Krzanicki, Anesthesiology, London, UK  
  • Kate Kronish, Anesthesiology, San Francisco, CA, USA  
  • Adam Badenoch, Anesthesiology, Adelaide, Australia  
  • Martine Lindsay, Anesthesiology, Edmonton, Canada  

Organizing Committee Member

  • Pascale Tinguely, Surgery, London, UK  

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Pragalva Khanal, London, UK  
  • Gemma Wells, London, UK 


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