About ERAS4OLT.org

Project Summary

  • Study will provide highly valuable data on Enhanced Recovery after Liver Transplant.
  • Danish Model of Consensus to bridge the gap between experts
  • PubMed citable co-authorship for all collaborators and for all publications

What is it about?

  • Provide evidence-based recommendations on Enhanced Recovery after Liver Transplant.
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration of experts world-wide
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What is the Danish Model of Consensus?

  • Working groups of experts prepare statements on specific questions. 
  • Debates with the experts and audience take place during a meeting.
  • An independent jury of non-experts reviews these statements and make final recommendations.


  • Evidence provision by September 2021
  • Consensus meeting in January 2022
  • Publications of recommendations in May 2022

How can you get involved?