New ERAS in liver transplantation… past, present and next steps


  • History of liver transplantation 
  • What is the current evidence on the use of ERAS for liver transplantation? 
  • What measures should a liver transplant ERAS protocol include? 
  • What are the next steps to establish enhanced recovery programs after liver transplantation?

Scientific Committee Liaisons 

  • Goran Klintmalm, Surgery, Dallas, TX, USA
  • Ronald Busuttil, Surgery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Expert Working Group Panel Members 

  • Olivier Scatton, Surgery, Paris, France
  • Raffaele Brustia, Surgery, Paris, France
  • Pascale Tinguely, Surgery, London, UK
  • Gregory McKenna, Surgery, Dallas, TX, USA
  • Fady Kaldas, Surgery, Los Angeles, CA, USA


  • Vivienne Hannon, Anesthesiology, London, UK

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Nolitha Morare, London, UK


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