When is it safe for the liver donor to be discharged home and prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations? 


  • Is there a need for “fit for discharge” checklist for living liver donors to prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations? 

Scientific Committee Liaison

  • Daniel Cherqui, Surgery, Paris, France  
  • Ali Jafarian, Surgery, Tehran, Iran  

Expert Working Group Panel Members

  • Suk Kyun Hong, Surgery, Seoul, Korea 
  • Gabriella Pittau, Surgery, Villejuif, France  
  • Srinath Chinnakotla, Surgery, Minnesota, USA 
  • Daniel Maluf, Surgery, Baltimore, MD, USA  
  • Utz Settmacher, Surgery, Jena, Germany 

LDLT Coordinator    

  • Alessandra Mazzola, Hepatology, Paris, France

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Arun Mahay, London, UK 
  • Zakee Abdi, London, UK 


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