What is the optimal immunosuppression management to prevent early rejection after liver transplantation?

Scientific Committee Liaison

  • Geoffrey McCaughan, Hepatology, Sydney, Australia  

Expert Working Group Panel Members

  • Varuna Aluvihare, Hepatology, London, UK 
  • Abraham Shaked, Surgery, Philadelphia, PA, USA  
  • Maria-Carlota Londoño, Hepatology, Barcolona, Spain  
  • Juliet Ann Emamaullee, Surgery, USA  
  • Jan Lerut, Surgery, Brussels, Belgium  
  • Jonathan Potts, Hepatology, London, UK 

Vanguard Committee Member

  • Eleonora De Martin, Hepatology, Villejuif, France  

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Camila Hidalgo, London, UK  
  • Adrian Gustar, Milan, Italy  


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