What is the optimal patient selection in relation to pre-transplant status: MELD, renal function, performance status, recent sepsis, and sarcopenia, to ensure recovery after living donor liver transplantation?

Scientific Committee Liaison

  • Arvinder Singh Soin, Surgery, Delhi, India 
  • Mark Cattral, Surgery, Toronto, Canada

Expert Working Group Panel Members 

  • Kim Olthoff, Surgery, Philadelphia, PA, USA  
  • Juan Caicedo, Surgery, Chicago, IL, USA  
  • Kwang-Woong Lee, Surgery, Seoul, Korea 
  • Shintaro Yagi, Surgery, Kyoto, Japan  

LDLT Coordinator

  • Garrett Roll, Surgery, San Francisco, CA, USA 

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Arif Jalal, London, UK 
  • Cheung Tsz Yan, Hong Kong 


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